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Lots of clothes for sale

My building is having a yard sale tomorrow (Saturday, July 7th) at 9am.
A couple of ladies in my building are selling plus size clothing. Too many items to list here.
The address is 5398 Tyne Street, in Vancouver, near the Joyce Skytrain station.
Mostly size 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x

Items for sale!

I have a couple of items I ordered from Lane Bryant that didn't fit (boo hoo). I would rather avoid the hassle of trying to return them (ordering from LB as a Canadian pretty much takes the cake for the most annoying online shopping experience EVER, plus expensive!) so I'm offering them up here for sale to locals first. Perhaps I can save someone the annoyance I experienced.

These items are brand new with tags, only tried on and then returned to their packaging. I am only looking to recoup most of what I paid.

First up, red denim skinny jeans/jeggings, which are now sold out on the LB site. I ordered a size 28...but when I tried them on I realized they fit REALLY small...more like a 24. $60

See the jeans on the LB site here.

Secondly, a pair of size 10 wide width/wide calf 5 buckle riding boots. I have 21" calves normally and had high hopes after reading these have elastic panels on them, but they were *just* too snug. Too bad for me. $80

See the boots on the LB site here.

Can arrange a drop-off/pick-up in East Van, or I can ship to you if you pay postage. I take PayPal or Interac email money transfer.

Size 20P jeans for sale

Hi everyone. I have two pairs of jeans from Penningtons in size 20 Petite for sale, $20 for both pairs. They've been worn and washed a couple times each but are in good as new shape. Both dark wash, one brighter blue, a bit of stretch in the waistbands. The size tag is cut out of one pair. Selling because each time I try and put them on I realize they are an inch or so too short for me - I am 5'3" and they are more suited for someone 5'2" or shorter I think. Would like to meet downtown next week to exchange unless someone wants to pick up in Kits. Thanks!
About a month ago I posted the following:

I have just done a major cleanup of my closets. The result is that I have bags and bags of clothes, most of them still with tags. I buy stuff thinking I'll fit into it "later" and that never happens, or I order stuff on line then it doesn't fit but the return process is a hassle.
Now I have 4 giant (bigger than big black bags) of clothing I'd like to sell. I hate going through consignment, so if anyone else wants to buy them then go through that, be my guest.
Most of the clothes are sizes 1x-4x. The majority are 3x, or 22-24. There are jeans, pants, pyjamas, t-shirts, sweaters, work/office clothes, belts, tanks, blazers, you name it.
Whatever doesn't have tags has been washed. I only kept what could pass as new, and I donated the rest.
Ideally I would like about $60 for everything. That's a great deal when you see many items have sales tags of $49.99, $39.99, and $29.99. You'd be getting about 70 pieces of clothing for the cost of only 2 items.
If you think you are interested, contact me through here or at my email muserania at hot mail (dot) com

I actually had six giant bags. Well the first person who got the stuff was upset because she felt the clothes were mostly 3x and 4x, while she was a 1x. I felt bad so I took the clothes back (minus a piece she liked) and gave her back her money. We both were good with that. Then someone else bought the bags and was super happy with them. Yay! I like knowing that it all worked out well in the end.

Now I'm here again to post that I have more clothes. Again, mostly 3x, but some smaller and some larger. I have work clothes (blazers, pants, blouses), t-shirts, jeans, and more. This time I only have 4 big bags and I'm asking $50.00.

I can arrange to meet up this weekend.

Again, contact me through lj or through my email muserania (at) hot mail (dot) com


I am wondering if anyone knows where to find some decent boots for thick calves?

Any ideas would be useful!

Roommate needed! September 1st!

I'm a queer, femme, feminist, socialist, anti-oppression enthusiast,
into body-positivity and trans-solidarity, kink and sex-positive (and
believe in having good roommate boundaries). I am a textile and mixed
media artist/crafter. I'm currently working at a queer not-for-profit
arts organization. I am beginning to garden, am ominivorous, invisibly
chronically ill, and a big geek. I like having people over, cooking big
delicious meals, watching movies on the couch and dressing up.

My house is gorgeous and big. It's the main floor of an older but
beautifully cared for detached house. We have high ceilings, lots of
light, beautiful soft-wood floors. It is large 2 bedroom suite on the
main floor of a detached home. There are 2 adjoining living rooms, 1
dining room, a spacious fully-equipped kitchen, back porch and large
bathroom with a clawfoot tub and shower. Coin laundry is in the
basement. There is a flight of stairs from the front entrance to our
suite, and the back porch.

Rent is $786/month &  $15/month for shared wifi internet.

You would have the north bedroom, with small "walk-in" closet. Part of the
living room and all of the dining room can be allocated for an
'office' or work space.

No Smoking, No Furry Pets (I have allergies, sorry!) Not wheelchair accessible. Not MCS friendly.

I'm located on Hastings-Sunrise, on major bus routes to downtown and
Burnaby. Close to the PNE/Playland and parks. There's lots of small
independent groceries stores, 2 drug stores, lots of tasty restaurants
and friendly coffee shops. The neighborhood is fairly quiet but very
convinient, especially if you don't have a car. If you do, there's
permit street parking for residents.

If this is interesting to you or someone you know, please contact me at estrellada@gmail.com

I am hoping to go check out the a concert at the Orpheum theatre, but the seats are so tight and I dont want to be uncomfortable, do you know if they have any `larger` seating alternatives?

Yoga, again

I've been trying to find a plus-size friendly yoga class for my sister and I. I found the post in this community from October, but there were no updates on whether the class ever got off the ground or not. So, my question then, is does anyone know of a plus-size positive yoga class on the North Shore? (I know they all say they are, but that doesn't really count for much. I'd rather have opinions from here.)

Plus size consignment in Vancouver?

Hello all!

Do any of you know of any translink-accessible consignment stores that will take things in plus (not inbetweenie) sizes?


2nd Annual Cabaret of Copious Curves

Hi fatvancouver!

It's almost time for the 2nd Annual Cabaret of Copious Curves!
This Friday, Jan 21 at the WISE Hall we bring you the return of this size positive burlesque show that features an all star cast of voluputous performers from Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle.

Get all the details here:

Hope to see you there!