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Roommate needed! September 1st!

I'm a queer, femme, feminist, socialist, anti-oppression enthusiast,
into body-positivity and trans-solidarity, kink and sex-positive (and
believe in having good roommate boundaries). I am a textile and mixed
media artist/crafter. I'm currently working at a queer not-for-profit
arts organization. I am beginning to garden, am ominivorous, invisibly
chronically ill, and a big geek. I like having people over, cooking big
delicious meals, watching movies on the couch and dressing up.

My house is gorgeous and big. It's the main floor of an older but
beautifully cared for detached house. We have high ceilings, lots of
light, beautiful soft-wood floors. It is large 2 bedroom suite on the
main floor of a detached home. There are 2 adjoining living rooms, 1
dining room, a spacious fully-equipped kitchen, back porch and large
bathroom with a clawfoot tub and shower. Coin laundry is in the
basement. There is a flight of stairs from the front entrance to our
suite, and the back porch.

Rent is $786/month &  $15/month for shared wifi internet.

You would have the north bedroom, with small "walk-in" closet. Part of the
living room and all of the dining room can be allocated for an
'office' or work space.

No Smoking, No Furry Pets (I have allergies, sorry!) Not wheelchair accessible. Not MCS friendly.

I'm located on Hastings-Sunrise, on major bus routes to downtown and
Burnaby. Close to the PNE/Playland and parks. There's lots of small
independent groceries stores, 2 drug stores, lots of tasty restaurants
and friendly coffee shops. The neighborhood is fairly quiet but very
convinient, especially if you don't have a car. If you do, there's
permit street parking for residents.

If this is interesting to you or someone you know, please contact me at estrellada@gmail.com


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