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About a month ago I posted the following:

I have just done a major cleanup of my closets. The result is that I have bags and bags of clothes, most of them still with tags. I buy stuff thinking I'll fit into it "later" and that never happens, or I order stuff on line then it doesn't fit but the return process is a hassle.
Now I have 4 giant (bigger than big black bags) of clothing I'd like to sell. I hate going through consignment, so if anyone else wants to buy them then go through that, be my guest.
Most of the clothes are sizes 1x-4x. The majority are 3x, or 22-24. There are jeans, pants, pyjamas, t-shirts, sweaters, work/office clothes, belts, tanks, blazers, you name it.
Whatever doesn't have tags has been washed. I only kept what could pass as new, and I donated the rest.
Ideally I would like about $60 for everything. That's a great deal when you see many items have sales tags of $49.99, $39.99, and $29.99. You'd be getting about 70 pieces of clothing for the cost of only 2 items.
If you think you are interested, contact me through here or at my email muserania at hot mail (dot) com

I actually had six giant bags. Well the first person who got the stuff was upset because she felt the clothes were mostly 3x and 4x, while she was a 1x. I felt bad so I took the clothes back (minus a piece she liked) and gave her back her money. We both were good with that. Then someone else bought the bags and was super happy with them. Yay! I like knowing that it all worked out well in the end.

Now I'm here again to post that I have more clothes. Again, mostly 3x, but some smaller and some larger. I have work clothes (blazers, pants, blouses), t-shirts, jeans, and more. This time I only have 4 big bags and I'm asking $50.00.

I can arrange to meet up this weekend.

Again, contact me through lj or through my email muserania (at) hot mail (dot) com


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