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Clothing Swap????

I admit, this is completely self serving. I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet and admitting that I really won't suddenly start fitting into the clothes I have that are a "leeeeeettle" too small and I want them outta here!

Is anyone interested in scheduling a clothing swap in the relatively near future? I realise this can be a dicey time of year with social commitments adding up in the coming weeks but maybe my "don't fits" could be your "fabulous new party gear"?
hey ladies ( and gents)

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any stores around the city that may sell boots for us larger folk, with a bigger calf??

GIANT clothing sale

hi vanfatties! janebonbon and i have uberly purged our wardrobes and have a ton of new & lightly worn clothing & accessories for sale...including winter coats and fantastic boots! (ooo! aaahhh!)
check it out and comment on the post if you're interested.
i am more than happy to meet up/deliver any purchases to save you on shipping.

also, i'm thinkin a fattie brunch is overdue sometime soon, yes??


My sister has asked me to make a post for her about this here. She is seeking a fat friendly therapist, if such a thing exists. Any experiences (positive or negative) with therapists in the area would be greatly appreciated.

Yoga Update

Hello patient fatties!

As you know, I have been trying to organize a fat friendly class for us. Our instructor has been out of town for a while, but I think we're getting nearer to making this a reality.
What we're talking about right now is doing a 3 session trial run to see if it works for everyone before we go ahead and commit to an ongoing class.

The instructor fee is $60 per class and the places we're looking at holding it are between $50 and $60 for rental per class. This puts us at about $110 to $120 per class, so to keep it affordable , we'll need between 10 and 12 people to attend. This is kind of a tall order for the first time out of the gate, so we have some things to think about.
1) is everyone willing to spend more if we have a smaller number of people in the class?
2) Does anyone know of free, or cheap or inexpensive space that we can use that is both safe and accessible?
I have put a call in to Eastside Family Place, about rentals, and Kiyarra is doing some legwork on a couple of places she knows. The more options the better, though.

We're thinking about Monday nights at about 7pm for the class. Hopefully this gives everyone time to get home from work or school and make it to a class. We'd be asking everyone to pay in advance for the 3 classes, to ensure their commitment and then if it all works out we can talk about sliding scale in the ongoing class.

Please let me know what you all think and if you have suggestions or ideas about how to best move this forward.


Wide Calf, Vegan Boots for sale

hey fatvan!

i have these two pairs of boots for sale. i made a mistake in sizing when i ordered them and both are too small for me. i'd rather not go through the hassle of returning them.

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if you take both pairs i'll settle for $70.

can arrange delivery.

Old Navy Canada

I don't know how many of you this affects, but for those who are interested, the Old Navy Canada website finally launched this week. Unfortunately, like their brick and mortar stores, the site does not carry any sizes over an 18. I have no idea why they've pulled their plus sizes out of Canada but I think it's bull pucky (pardon my French). If anyone else wants to take the time to send them a note asking why they're denying their cheap clothes to Canadian fatties you can do so here.

Fat Yoga part the third

So, it's that time again, Fatnesses!

I am currently taking Yoga That Fits at Mount Pleasant and not digging it that much. The first time around it was taught by two fat theatre geeks who totally got it. This go around the instructor is not fat and while she's quite pleasant, she absolutely does not get it.

I want to start real fat yoga for fat people who understand the concerns of fat people. I am going to contact Unity Yoga, specifically Kirya (sp?) and see if we can organize a class for us. Unity is not accessible, however, so I'm going to try and see if they'd be willing to teach it off-location, possibly at the beautiful room at the Eastside Family Place.

If you're interested please respond. If I already have a number of people into it, it might be a little easier to get them form a class for us.

East Van?

Hey Fatties!
Is anyone is East Van going to the swap this weekend? I'm unable to attend as I work Sundays, but I have some clothes I'd like to donate to it. If anyone lives near me (Lakewood and Napier), I am hoping they can come and pick them up Saturday late afternoon-ish.


first of all, i wanted to say that i'm really looking forward to the next clothing swap; i have quite a bit of loot to bring along, including some nice summer-y dresses.

secondly, i just received some torrid leggings (size 3x, black) and, sadly, they don't fit. thought i'd see if anyone in town is interested before i ship them back. i paid $20 + shipping and since they're brand new, never-worn, i'm hoping to get about $20 for them, but it's negotiable.


i ordered a 3x because i usually wear 22/24, but they run big and i'd say they're more like a 26/28. quality seems to be quite good.

if you're interested, leave me a comment and i'll get back to you.