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Fat Vancouver
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Guidelines of FatVancouver Membership

If you are a member, or are applying for membership, it is expected that you have read, and agreed to abide by, these guidelines.

1. This community is SIZE-POSTIVE. There is zero tolerance for fatphobia. No diet-talk. No shilling of weight loss gimmicks. Discussions of the challenges fat people face welcome, we all experience it to some degree or another no matter what our size, but we must work to rid ourselves of using negative language about fatness and fat people, even ourselves. We are all at different points on the road to self-love so there will be some times when we slip up. In those cases we ask that you be open to hearing from other group members, to having your ideas challenged and to having your perspective shifted. We are here to help one another grow as holistic human beings determined to cultivate self-love in a culture that reviles us for doing so. Listen, take opportunities to change, don’t let your ego get in the way of learning.

2. This community is INCLUSIVE of all bodies. How you define “fat” and the “fat experience” is your business. Let's not police the parameters of fat, but let's definitely have conversations about the experiences of being in different and unique places with it. You don’t even have to identify as fat, as long as you are respectful of the fact this is a space created and designed for fat people specifically to communicate and build community with one another. We welcome every fat person regardless of gender, size, and physical ability.

3. As a primarily text-based community we are committed to being aware of our words, their meanings and the power behind them. Many common words and phrases in our current culture are demeaning and damaging to members of our society and we at Fat Vancouver strive to eliminate these common phrases from our vernacular. It is not hard to find alternate ways of saying what you want; the English language is filled to the brim with synonyms that will not offend or contribute to the homophobia/ableism/fatphobia of our culture.

4. We love it when members plan Fat Vancouver events! Events are a great way to get to know your local fatty community, to plot the fat revolution, to swap clothes and stories, to share food, hug, play games and party! Any Fat Van member can plan an event at any time, but we do INSIST that every event posted on Fat Van be inclusive and accessible to everyone. That means considering whether or not the venue has completely accessible entrances and bathrooms, for all levels of mobility including wheelchairs! It also means being aware of what type of seating is available (some of us need chairs with arms, some of us need extra wide spots to plant our glorious bottoms.) We are always working to compile lists of places that accommodate everyone of our members so if you have suggestions of restaurants, common rooms in member’s housing complexes, community centres, and clubs/party venues, please speak up! If you want to host something in your own home, and you know it isn’t accessible to everyone in our community, please contact your invitees privately. Don’t post it in the community unless you’re sure everyone here is welcome. Part of welcoming people to an event you plan is making sure they can actually get into the event.

5. Please don’t advertise on this community. You may be fat, and may be offering a product or service, but that does not automatically mean it is appropriate to Fat Vancouver. If your product or service is geared towards fatties, it may be alright to mention it here (ie. you run a plus-sized consignment shop or you’re starting a fat yoga class or the like); but don’t spam us. Same goes for sales posts on fat clothing – once in a while it’s ok to post up some stuff you’re trying to sell but please exercise some common sense. If you posted those clothes a month ago and no one bought them, it’s time to find another venue. Product and service reviews for fatty-specific things are more than welcome! Mods will use their discretion when it comes to handling sales posts and advetising.

6. When you join, introduce yourself! When you first join, please post a little something about yourself. Who you are, why you’re joining, what your interests are…we want to know the people we’re talking to here! And old time members, when someone new joins and posts their intro, say hello back! This is a community with the intention of forging connections with one another, not a venue for voyeurs.

7. Your mods prefer to be hands-off. We expect you to have read and integrated these guidelines into your postings here before you even make your introductions. If you have some kind of issue or trouble with something or someone who’s participating here, please feel free to send a message to zaftigvegan, coco73, or undeconstructed. The most work we want to do is to quickly evaluate new applicants. And on that note…

8. We welcome everyone in the Vancouver and the surrounding area to join Fat Vancouver but when we look at new applicants it really helps us to see what your LJ history is like. Things like what other communities you belong to, what your interests are, what you've written in your public entries, who you list as friends on LJ. PLEASE NOTE: If you submit a request to join with a blank, brand new journal; or there’s simply no indication that your interests are in line with our community’s mandates, you are going to be rejected. This is a group for people who are really interested in interacting with others and building community which means we want to know who you are and why you’re participating. That being said, if you feel you should be the exception to this rule, please feel free to contact one of the mods to plead your case.